It's a dream come true

If you have one million dollars to spare, will you please purchase my dream home on Block Island and hand me the keys? Where is a wealthy benefactor when I need them? This post and beam cottage makes my heart skip. There's plenty of land for my imaginary dog (soon to be real dog) to run and play (2.7 acres) and ocean views from a corner of the property. In my mind, I'm already moved in, sipping tea and reading a good book. Seriously, if I have the opportunity to build a New England island getaway, this is it.

The pictures are on the small side, so visit Block Island Real Estate for more detail.


  1. ive already looked for pennies in under the couches!

  2. 2.7 acres is big enough for 'real dog' and zephyr to fight all day. Please take us there!!

  3. okay, block island '11? there may not be enough vacation time for '10. gosh, we need to go!!!!