A little explanation

For those following regularly, you may be wondering what happened to posts of us transforming our San Francisco apartment into a cozy home - where's the reupholstered director's chairs, the DIY shower curtain, the fun tchotchkes we bought over the weekend?

Well, the California economy is horrible. Sadly, our jobs are either non-existent at the moment or not up to par. While I'm grateful to even be employed, this is definitely not my dream job, and we've decided to move back to the D.C. area. Now before jumping to conclusions and thinking we haven't given this beautiful city a fair shot, here's a few things to remember:
  1. Moving to San Francisco was never meant to be permanent. It was great destination point after a long road trip. We both wanted to move to California while we had the opportunity and no strings attached. I like to think of it as an extended vacation with jobs involved.
  2. I will miss this area more than anything. I may be too old to say this, but I have rediscovered traits about myself that I thought were long gone. Do you ever feel like you're watching a TV show of yourself because life is so routine? I'm out of the daze and actually living it. For that, I am indebted to this city.
  3. We're excited to take the second cross-country road trip in one year. There's new cities on the route, old cities to stop by and a thanksgiving dinner waiting at the other end.
  4. We leave the first of November, so we'll be showcasing the interior of our car since that'll be home across the road and posting amazing pictures of our pit stops. After that, 2010 will be so exciting. There's a dog involved this summer, our first house (hopefully), and that Southern wedding we've been planning all year!
San Francisco will always have a place in our hearts. It was year of trial and error, but it's the loudest laughter and free-spirited days we've had. We're ready to bring that back to our home.


  1. and i'm proud of those cakes!

  2. BOOO! I'm gonna miss you both so much! Please don't leave without one more grand adventure with me. Oh, and feel free to donate any house stuff to me. You have such good taste in everything. (Amy P Nelson)

  3. We have something up our sleeves for you Amy! Let's hang out very, very soon.

  4. I will really miss the high ceilings, antique tub, big windows that lead to a very busy street, standing in your rooftop at night and the bakery smell when I first open my eyes in the morning. But I know you/we will vacation there whenever there is an amazing flight deal going. I can't wait to have you guys home :)