Tiny Sparks Design

A friend and I were talking coat racks yesterday, which led me to the conclusion that there are a ton of ugly coat racks out there. Seriously, is nasty the main criteria in creating coat racks? Why are the decent racks so expensive? Is that last sentence code for real life?

Amidst the ugly, I remembered an e-mail from last Friday about Tiny Sparks Design. I had the pleasure of seeing Brad Boggie's creations at the Renegade Craft Fair this summer, and if I wasn't in "we're probably moving, I'm not spending a dime on decor" mode, his work would have been my purchase of the day.

Now this is a decent coat rack - simple, functional, natural.

Wait. What goes here? That's right, keys.

Want to forego functionality and just dabble in cool? Boggie prints on wood as well.

Thank you kind gentleman for introducing a little beauty into sea of blah.

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