The Curiosity Shoppe

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Ours involved a lengthy hike across town and through the Mission since the buses were packed and wouldn't even open the door. Wouldn't you know, but one week before we leave I finally stroll by the Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia. Don't ask how I never managed to find the store before because that will involve a long story about forgetting the building number and ending up walking home. Boo. I love everything about this place - affordable art, kitschy accessories and great books.

In honor of packing our art, books and beloved collections today, I've posted a few of my favorites from their shop below.

I am a total sucker for pictorial dictionaries. MacMillan has served me well for 10 years now, and Webster's looks like it's next on my shelf.

Stainless steel lunchbox

Stitchable postcard map - the perfect way to document our trips.

I am all about the leisure.

Wood grain playing cards

If you haven't had the pleasure of owning a magic garden, seriously get one.

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