Marfa to Austin

After 10 months, Jon and I returned to one of our favorite destinations, Marfa. Looking back at the pictures from our first voyage, Jon's pictures this trip are even more captivating. I'm done complimenting, but, seriously, he went out at sunset at captured the essence of Marfa to a tee.

Check out Jon's flickr page because there are some humdingers to see.

We spent time over a beer with a few locals and realized that not everyone is pleased with Donald Judd's presence around the town because of his personality. I still find it to be a good mixture of local color and non-dominating art installations speckling San Antonio Street and the countryside.

Maybe because West Texas is a new landscape for me compared to the Appalachians where I was raised, but it still remains one of my favorite places in this country. . .and I have seen a fair amount of ground in the continental United States. It may be the colors, the Chianti Mountains looming in the distance, the solitude, the unexpected sleepy towns that seem untouched (with the exception of Marfa), but something puts my soul at ease when we crest into the high desert.

Aside from the Thunderbird, Pizza Foundation and mystery lights I mentioned in the last post, most of our time was spent driving around the wild west, stopping by the Marfa Book Company, browsing the racks at Fancy Pony Land and lounging by the pool (in coats and hats) reading Happily and Dharma Bums.

Although we didn't take many pictures of Austin, we had an amazing visit. Our host Ms. Anna Lisa was gracious and showed us a good time for three nights in a row. I'm not sure if we've stumbled upon an exceptional group of friends, but everyone I've met in Austin would bend over backwards to make you feel at home. There was more amazing food - home-cooked and dining out - good beer and good people. Thank you Austin friends for giving us another proper tour of your favorite spots.

We're on our way to New Orleans, the final stop on the trip before Virginia. We'll fill you in on the fun in a few days.