Roanoke makes it big thanks to Etsy artist

Can we talk about Leslie from Etsy shop Unless Someone Like You for a second? She's hands down fabulous. Her wedding invitations, portraits and save the date cards are incredible, but her customized work rocks! It just plain rocks!

I approached her almost a year ago, during my I-have-nothing-to-do-in-San-Francisco days, with an image of the Mill Mountain Star, the Blue Ridge Mountains, that infamous tree from our future wedding site and a detail of Kelly Wearstler's "Edo Linen" in opal. What does she conjure up? An amazing, customized save the date image that captures our wedding locale in a modern setting.

Please, if you want a unique gift or to ensure your invitations are special, check out Leslie. She is the most patient, most friendly person to work with. We also commissioned a portrait of our friends as a wedding gift that turned out wonderful as well. She's become a favorite go-to for one-of-a-kind prints.


  1. I'm gonna give her a tryout for the Christmas card!

  2. I just got mine today! Is this why you needed the address? It's very beautiful.