Where have we been?

After spending a few nights above New Orlean's R bar; watching the Occult Museum and Library burn to a crisp while firefighters rescued a dozen ferrets from the char; drinking bourbon by candlelight at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop; and driving straight through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, we made it to Southwest Virginia.

Many have asked if we miss San Francisco, and I don't quite know how to answer. Yes, I miss our group of friends tremendously, I miss the restaurants and bars, the individuality and easily accessible fresh food. I'm also elated by old friends here in Roanoke and in Northern Virginia, driving around the Blue Ridge Parkway, waking up to familiar mountains and seeing the Mill Mountain Star from my childhood bedroom window.

There's nothing like a homecoming.

We traveled when I was younger, and, although I had a great time living somewhere else for a few months, I was always excited to crest the mountains and be home. True Fact: New York City is the only place I've ever been sad to leave.

A few friends have also asked what it feels like to be home, and I've answered, "weird." I guess because Jon and I technically are living out of our duffel bags and suitcases from the trip while our belongings sit in storage somewhere waiting for a space of their own. Maybe it feels "weird" because home has come to mean so many different things over the past year - an apartment, warmth and security from specific people, a city, a sense of comfort while being nomadic.

But, we are home, and I can't wait to find a space to literally call home. I have running list of decor items to purchase.
*Why is it you always find things to buy when you don't have money or room for them?

I've included a few pictures of good ol' Roanoke, a.k.a. Big Lick or the Star City. I have another post up my sleeve today to explain how these treasures of Roanoke made it into a very important, commissioned piece of art for Jon and me.

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  1. Ok so I'm playing a little catch up, but as I understand you've moved back home! Aww that makes me smile! I've thought about moving back to home far too many times! Like you, I keep thinking, it would be "weird", but overall I think I'd feel a great sense of peace, which initially I don't know what I'd do with! Yay! Best of luck!