You know how the song goes

Thanks to my dear friend Jess for the SF heart from Selflesh.

Wow, sorry I got wrapped up in packing, job interviews and dropping off plants to their new adoptive parents. Yes, Myra the Meyer Lemon Tree has a new home with two wonderful people. By the time I woke up Sunday on a deflated air mattress in an empty apartment, it was time to go. . .and leave my heart in San Francisco. Oh Tony Bennett, I've had you in my head for 48 hours straight.

I'll admit, I did tear up as we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge our final time and went to the farmer's market for road food. We made so many wonderful friends that we didn't see often (It's the curmudgeon in us), and I'm definitely going to miss the wild nights with them. Once we were driving down Route 1 though, we could only imagine what adventures we would have over the next year - another cross-country trip, new jobs, a homecoming to other great friends and family, a wedding, a puppy, a new place to decorate. It was amazingly beautiful yesterday. The waves were rough, and the coastline was majestic.

We stopped in Big Sur for the night, and I can't wait to share pictures. We're taking a few more today, so the photo tour should start tomorrow! Thanks for being patient during that unexpected hiatus!

Here's a little Tony for you.