Daily Drool: Kyle Bunting

Thank goodness for the secret santa who turned me on to Kyle Bunting. Ever since we first traveled through Texas and the Southwest, I've been particularly smitten with cowhide rugs but came to the conclusion they wouldn't look quite right in an Edwardian apartment or a cookie-cutter split level. It would just seem too forced and out of place with the natural surroundings of where I live.

Oh, I was wrong because in waltzes Kyle Bunting with his modern rawhide and my world has turned upside down (how could I guess that he and his design colleagues are based outside of Austin?). The pewters, creams, roses and patterns in the 11.09 idea book pushed me into the holiday spirit a tad more. The cross-mirrored greek key design on the rose rawhide below is unbelievable, as well as Bunting's take on a modern moorish pattern. Even the simplicity of the tiled rawhide is absolutely praiseworthy in my book and probably my favorite.

This fauteuil chair in rose hide. . .definite inspiration for my director's chairs. My poor vegan friends will have nowhere to sit other than a throw pillow when they come to visit! Maybe I should research faux hide for the animal conscious designers?


  1. The second one down is the style I'm getting for the living room - it won't be a KB though! We looked at them at ABC Carpet and Home and we may have another resource - Bob. I think we'd be talking deep discounts there!

  2. I <3 Kyle Bunting's work! Amazing!