A little green

It all started with my friend Anna Lisa's shower curtain. DwellStudio for Target has done it again. If I didn't lean towards the gender neutral, I would have stuffed that Pansy shower curtain in my bag as a souvenir. Just kidding, I would buy my own.

I had a moment this morning and realized that I'm really loving green right now. This is a big step for me because green can go horribly wrong. It seems like everyone had rooms the color of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I was a wee tween, and even then, it didn't sit well with me. Maybe because winter is fast approaching and everything is slowly browning, I'm subconsciously hanging on to a green patch of grass. Give me a lovely pistachio, olive or kelly green and I'm sold.

I've had my eye on Daina Ceramic's avocado salt and pepper shaker for months. Jon actually showed me the monochrome originals, and it's been on the to-buy list since.

Oh Kartell Panier Basket in dark green, you would make a lovely magazine rack. You are just lovely in general.

A year or two ago, my friend Debbie sauntered into town wearing the most beautiful cowl by the ladies of Rose and Pony. I've been waiting to live somewhere chilly again so I could hide behind a cowl of my own.

Pantone never steers you wrong, especially when it's pea green.

The brighter the better (Margot Napkins from Sprout Home).


  1. welcome to the world of green lovers!

  2. Kyle Bunting @ apunchofcolor! I've become such a hidey ho!