Pony express

We're off to Philly for the weekend, but I was just checking out Pony Rider cushions and linens in Australia and wanted to share. I liked their bio so much, I'm reprinting the entire thing here. I couldn't possibly try to describe their aesthetic better myself.

Pony Rider is about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things biting into an overripe plum and in need of a soft tea towel cracking the top of a creme brulee with a hand printed napkin in your lap wrapping a pot of freshly brewed tea in a tea towel to stay warm curling up on cushions on the lounge to read the weekend papers using the 'good' linen for the everyday

In addition to the Antler, Ribbons, and Flowerbomb (the Flowerbomb Teakin is currently sold out, but the detail in that pattern is killer) patterns, Pony Rider is expanding to include poster walls in the near future. I'm keeping an eye out!

P.S. Check out Pony Rider's blog too.

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