This Blog has Been HIJACKED!!!!

Julie hasn't posted anything for several weeks, and since our road trip adventure is complete, we have been living on friends' couches and spare bedrooms. I can see why Julie is on hiatus - it's hard to be inspired by design when there is nowhere to make your mark. I see her rearranging cabinets and organizing refrigerators. Has she told you about the refrigerator obsession? Her stickie note of things to buy is growing by the minute, and wherever we end up is going to be filled to the brim with cool gadgets. So what happens when you don't have a permanent place to call your own? You find another home away from home. That's right, it's become the coveted Land Cruiser.

People always are shocked that our dream car is 22 years old. Julie and I have obsessed over this truck since we first met almost 7 years ago. Please excuse me if you've heard us talk about them a million times in the past, but it suits us both. I like the 4 X 4 Off Road capabilities and the fact that if you take care of them, they will last forever in any environment. Julie loves the boxy design, the chrome grill and highlights, and a simple interior that refuses to go out of style. These trucks are used and abused all over the globe, and its hard going anywhere in town without someone admiring your truck and asking you lots of questions.

Instead of keeping house, we've been keeping truck - diligently running codes to make sure everything under the hood is up to snuff, testing her out on the Blue Ridge Parkway, driving over snowbanks and curbs. We've cleaned out the interior and updated our survival/zombie kit, including reggae music 24/7, a new christmas tree air freshener, altoids, gallons of water and an axe.

This Cruiser had only 40,000 miles put on it in the last decade. Since she spent her whole life in the desert, there is not a spot of rust on her body or frame. She is intended as a daily driver, not so much for the activities seen below:

Simply put, the Cruiser blends a rough and tumble off-road heritage with a sleek and sophisticated design, and yes, that's pretty much the combination of any home we've ever inhabited. It's another project to modify over time and focus our attention towards until we have four walls of our own.

If you dig these Cruisers, check out www.ih8mud.com to learn more.

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