I need your help!

The gears are shifting a bit from yesterday's discussion, but I have a major design dilemma. Here's the problem:

those are my kitchen cabinets (and a paper towel thing hanging down, which is annoying). . .with wallpaper on them. Yes, wallpaper circa 1988 adorn the top and bottom cabinets. It's in the bathroom too, but that's an easy fix involving a curtain rod and a screwdriver. What do I do? Do I do anything? We're only supposed to be here six months, but may be here a year. Since it's such a short time, do I live with it?

The snag is that I need a solution that won't further damage the cabinets and will leave them in their original state when we move out. Other than taking the doors off, I've thought about white contact paper paired with a decal. Although my cabinet looks great with a decal, I'm sort of over them. I'm stuck!

Help me decide!


  1. wow, you weren't joking, they are terrible! i think taking the doors off seems like the easiest solution with the least amount of work. but do you have a place to store the doors?

    i searched on apartment therapy and found these two ideas:

    1. cover the cabinets with vintage contact paper (you might be able to find some cool patterns on ebay or etsy)

    2. Blow up a panoramic photo (landscape) or a portrait (self, loved one, animal) and cut it into four equal portions and cover the cabinets with that photo

    does the owner really like the wallpaper? would she be ok with you taking it off?

  2. I'd leave it! For that short length of time, it doesn't seem like it'd be worth the effort it would take to do a decent fix. I'd bang that paper towel holder though and change out the hardware. Can't say why, but that hardware offends me more than the wallcovering!

  3. take off the cabinet doors. it's not worth spending much money on if you are there for a short time. the good thing is that anything you do will be an improvement.

    that is the strangest thing i have EVER seen.

  4. first of all. they are INSANE....i agree...take the doors off and after that maybe line the back of the cabinet with contact paper maybe???

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Seriously, I just couldn't get past this one. We may have to take the doors off and give it a whirl. . .and line the back of the cabinets. I mean, that would kill two birds with one stone (the wallpaper and the hardware). By the way, the paper towel holder hanging down in the way is no more.

    You all are lifesavers!