Quick fix

Am I a genius? Not really, but these wallpapered cabinets are killing me. I needed to do something quickly. . .and cheaply (ahem, free). Is it the best decorating I've ever done? Nope, but something is better than nothing. Yeah, those cabinets aren't just reserved for the kitchen; I'm greeted by them every morning when I step in the bathroom. ugh. Here's a little before and after. A curtain rod and some fabric goes a long way, and as a bonus, you get to see me in my snow garb. I think a little sprucing is a great stepping stone.

I'm still debating over how much is too much in a rental, so thanks for taking that journey with me! I mean, if I thought I'd be here for a while, all the hardware would be changed, paint would be up, those lights would vamoose and the list would go on and on and on.

That's a little better!


  1. that's actually a LOT better.

    you should talk to your landlord and see if they will knock any improvements/updates off your rent. sometimes if you are renting from a little old lady or people who aren't in real estate as a career, they just don't care enough to do it themselves, but they will benefit from it when you're gone. Then if you are sort of making a trade with your landlords, it doesn't matter how long you stay.

    Asking never hurts. I love that little amber bottle too.

  2. thanks for the advice. i swear, every place i move into has some horrible wallpaper disaster. i think the barter and trade system is the way to go here. . .she's a nice young lady :)

  3. Miles better. Sweet little B/A!

    P.S. What's that little tray all about? Very cute.