Action! The directors' chairs move forward

Slowly but surely I'm moving forward with the pair of directors' chairs. I have no clue where I've stashed a picture of them, and for that I apologize.

I stare at them every night, pour over colors to paint the wood frames, comb through fabric that I feel would make us happy to look at for a long time and finally thought, "why not go balls to the wall here?" Boring is not in the forecast, and I'm gold leafing the wood on those suckers.

You're the first to know.

What the heck? Why not feel like the queen of the throne?

Here's the inspiration. We're going for gold, but how randy is that silver with yellow crushed velvet? Definitely the gold with a more textured, exciting fabric.

I'm not quite sure about the chair kick this week, but I'll definitely keep you posted as the project continues.


  1. Ohhh I love that yellow chair, I've been wanting to find a vintage yellow chair or reupholster one myself (which I have no idea how to do) but whatever it is, I want a yellow chair soo badly!!! Yellow just make the day so much cheerier!

  2. I just know Kelly Wearstler has something with your name on it (besides the bolt that DOES have your name on it laying across my sofa). Her velvets are so dreamy. Her colors, luscious.