Is it summer yet?

Because I want to rent out the Lost River Modern cabin in the middle of summer, when the ticks are in full bloom, the humidity is unbearable and there's a river full of mosquitoes with my name on it.

Lost River Modern hit my radar a few years ago (I believe thanks to Design*Sponge), and I was unable to visit before going west. Now I'm back, and I'm ready to pack the bags for a long weekend. Here's a fun fact: it's the only resolution: 4 architecture - the creators of the dwell home - home that's open to the public. If you want to take a prefab for a spin and live in the D.C. area, here's your chance.

Located in Hardy County, West Virginia, the cabin is close to state parks, Seneca Falls, etc. so nature lovers eat your heart out. Before I sound like a tourism board, I'll leave it at that. Personally, I'm going to hang out in that bedroom corner with a good book. Who's down?


  1. Oh, I'm down! This is right up our alley! Is this a singular cabin, or are there others in a cluster?

  2. Nice post, JFM, and very nice place. My wife and I live in Central VA but we own approx. 20 acres of mountain land and a self-built cabin in Hardy Co. just a stone's throw from Lost River State Park. Have a great time in a beautiful place.

  3. Michele - it's actually a single dwelling, so no one's close by!

    LouisVA - thank you! all of these years growing up in southwest virginia, and i hate to admit that my exploration of hardy co. is limited. i think it's about time! 20 acres of beauty. . .what a treat!