Flipadelphia and The Franklin Fountain

Well, we never made it to Terrain. There were naps to be had, people to meet at the airport, good food to be eaten, books to be finished. . .

image from Allison Ostertag on Etsy

and the most significant outing this weekend, other than Father's Day, was to sate my overwhelming desire for mint chocolate chip ice cream. How amazing is the Franklin Fountain? If you're bored at work, just read all of their sundaes.

image source

Okay, follow me on this twist. While I was looking for pictures of the Franklin Fountain, I rediscovered Rachel McGinn. The former J. Crew editor now shoots around greater Philadelphia. I guess I'm all about the eye candy right now because there's not too much that I can look at from work, which is a bummer. I'm finding it a little hard to blog in the mornings before I shower, so it's going to have to fit in somewhere else!

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