House hunt '10

Contender #1

Oh, I love this tiny house with all of my heart and its neighborhood. Did I mention it was tiny? I get excited by all of the renovation possibilities though. The tough decision remains: do we want something with character that I can totally gut and call my own (YES!) or do we want something a little more move-in ready (practical)?

We're starting the great house hunt, and I'll admit. . .I'm not that excited yet. The idea of making a sound investment seems overwhelming at the moment - partly because I've never looked long for somewhere to live and always thought, "okay, this is where I live." In the infamous words of Tim Gunn, "make it work" and I have. I mean, Jon and I only looked at one apartment in San Francisco and knew that was it. Now, we actually have time to choose something that's a reflection of our personality while ensuring a fair bang for the buck.

Let the great hunt begin!

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