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Last week, I finished Into the Wild. Whether Christopher McCandless’ story is authentically tragic or the result of hubris, it is an intriguing journey to follow and was diligently researched by Krakauer. I’d like to read Krakauer’s other books before formulating an opinion because I have a quip with Into the Wild.

One chapter was such an abrupt shift in writing style and smacked of an exercise on argumentative essay as Krakauer defends McCandless against criticism. The writing itself really caught me off guard. Also, Krakauer compares his endeavors to McCandless in two chapters that I felt were unneeded. Although Krakauer’s own adventures are extremely fascinating, and I’d love to read Into Thin Air, I felt they were a little out of place here.

In all, I enjoyed the book simply for learning about McCandless, his untimely departure, and enjoyed the majority of Krakauer’s writing style.

I have a secret.

I did not start visiting The Brass Petal until Emily Henderson won Design Star. She’s sassy and funny! I feel a kindred personality - apparently, I find myself sassy and funny too - and it’s been fun stalking her previous work. Her living room is beautiful.

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