Room and Board's Reese sectional and I finally met this weekend. We're in love. I immediately conjured up the perfect ottoman to rest my feet on and daydreamed about the first movie I'd watch.

Then I had the opportunity to visit a 1950's Kroehler sectional similar to the one above. I was so pumped, but when I took a seat my heart sank. How could that be?! It's the same darned shape. Although I didn't have a tape measurer handy, I think the seating was narrower. Jon's a tall man and looked uncomfortable - like a giant in a dollhouse.

So on the rainy ride home, the practical mind kicked in. Unless you're willing to accept a vintage sofa as-is, you're probably going to put forth a bit of money to get it up to snuff. Don't get me wrong - many, many vintage pieces have found a way into my home without refurbishing. The Kroehler I sat on was an unattractive green, so factor in the cost of fabric and reupholstery. The cushions would need to be restuffed, so let's add that in too. A little money may be saved in the long run, but is it worth it?

I can't believe this is the crap I grapple with on a daily basis. If my biggest concern is justifying the cost of a sofa, then life must be swell. I love you Reese, but my eyes are still open for a more affordable option.

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