Here's a few pictures from our trip to Terrain. I was so excited, and Jon was even pleasantly surprised to be there. Seriously, we tried to make our way 4-5 times, but always ended up doing something equally as interesting in Philadelphia.

Of course, the displays were inspirational and we left with a ton of ideas. The Pendleton throws, the lighting, the large terrariums. . .and honestly, I was becoming a little sick of terrariums, but these totally restored my faith!

I was grabbing things at the last minute and shoving them into my basket. I realized that I left a doormat, lantern and cookbook that I wanted, which means we have to make another trip back. I could be clueless, but I didn't see everything for sale on the site that was in the store. Actually, I think I'm clueless. I ended up with the best smelling lavender soap that reminds me of Jamaica (don't ask), a great birdhouse and cotton for nesting, and a little book for myself. I'm waiting for some friends to occupy their new home and I'll post pictures!

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