Adrian Pearsall + me = one dumb story

Around 21, I purchased my first piece of furniture for an apartment I didn’t have. Tucked underneath a pile of vintage pocketbooks at the antique mall was an amazing wood and biomorphic glass table for $35.00. I borrowed by mom’s Explorer and was so proud to store it in her basement.

A teeny, tiny sneak peek of the glass

Fast-forward to graduate school, my table was on display in a house I shared with friends. Another friend came to visit and laughed when she saw it. She even said something like, What a ridiculous knock-off. . .and something along the lines of poor taste.

So my table continued to grace the living rooms of many rental homes, had a television set miraculously fall off a couch and break the glass, got dinged up some more, and recently became Duke’s favorite chew toy. Okay, he tried to chew it, and I had a fit. At one point I wanted to sell it, but Jon heatedly insisted we hang on to it the way he’s hanging on to that Ikea leather couch like I’m throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I never gave it much thought. I figured that snob was right because she was an architecture and interior design aficionado. She didn’t even peg it as a Kagan-influenced piece. I don’t know why I’m still sore after all these years. Maybe because she was always right, and I was, again, defeated by her presumed intelligence.

Oh, and I could kick myself in the head a thousand times because what my tea mugs and shelter mags have sat on all these years was an original Adrian Pearsall! It makes sense that an Adrian Pearsall would find its way to the Roanoke antique mall since Craft Associates was sold to Lane Furniture in the 1960s, which was located in Alta Vista, Virginia. Who’s the dumbass now? Me for not taking care of my beautiful walnut coffee table, but I have plans to restore it to its former glory.

image via 123 people

While I'm on the subject, Adrian Pearsall's home in Pennsylvania is amazing.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I wish I had saved everything my father designed including an extra large leather beanbag chair.
    Jim Pearsall

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Pearsall. I've loved this table for many years, toted it cross-country and back, and am so happy it finally has a permanent place in our new home. . .a 1950's rambler, how fitting!

  3. I too have a acquired a coffee and two side tables. Are you interested in them. They are very nice.

  4. I'd love to see pictures if you have them. You can e-mail bangsandballyhoo@gmail.com.

  5. Love Love Love Adrian Pearsall Designs!!!! I have an 8 ft couch 2 lounge/club chairs, 2 glass topped walnut side tables, and now 2 mor Pearsall Kidney bean tables, last purchase was a Vladimir Kagan styled kidney bean table like yours!!!!!!!!

  6. Picked up this same table for 250.00 at an vintage furniture store. I had no idea mine was an original and worth way more!

  7. Picked up this same table for 250.00 at an vintage furniture store. I had no idea mine was an original and worth way more!