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I’m a day behind, but the weather is so dreary that I thought it was perfect to share blogs and books.

Since I enjoyed Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle so much, I decided to read Half Broke Horses. Walls’ grandmother was one spitfire lady, and her resilience and ingenuity is the pure drive of the book. In a strange way, I feel like she’d be able to grace the pages of Simon Doonan’s Wacky Chicks because she was courageously ahead of her time. With the exception of not finding Lily Casey Smith an enchanting character, I have to agree with the review below:

[T]here is little sparkle or narrative drive. Too often the prose is flat and unimaginative. There's no one to love, certainly not Lily. And not until Rex appears on Page 248 (a handful of pages before the end), does the dialogue pick up, the author's voice kick into a nice trot and the prose shine. "Half Broke Horses" may be a commendable chronicle of an admirably tough woman on America's western frontier, but a well-crafted work of fiction it is not. . .
- Marie Arana for the Washington Post

Moving on, a friend of mine and I were commenting on how we wanted to eat healthier this week. I’ve been through a huge junk food and carb phase, maybe it’s the seasons, but it’s probably sheer laziness. Anytime I need to reinvigorate my health routine, I always check out 101 Cookbooks (which the same friend introduced me to by the way). Plus, it’s a nice way to vicariously transport myself back to San Francisco.

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