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Several weeks ago I finished reading The Razor’s Edge – W. Somerset Maugham’s precursor to the Beats’ acceptance of Eastern culture. The juxtaposition of Larry, a bohemian spending several years traveling Europe and India, to his displaced socialite friends, clinging to material possession and high society in the midst of the Great Depression, is an eye-opening examination of values and depth of character.

My quick search for a book review was futile, and I won’t go too in-depth. After 66 years, Maugham’s novel emphasizes that material worth do not make the man and leaves daydreamers like me wondering, “What really is the point?” So if routine society is suffocating and that wandering hippie rebel lost in your soul needs break free, then by all means be my guest and at least have a journey on paper while you’re stuck at your desk job.

Moving away from a potential existentialist chat, I’ve been addicted to
Teal and Gold’s blog after mentioning their shop in yesterday's Etsy favorites. Their work is exquisite. The workshop pictures and step-by-step detail breathe a new appreciation to craftsmanship. I would die for one of their credenzas . . . beautiful! By the way, Design*Sponge did a great feature on the duo back in 2009.

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  1. I loved this book! I've read other Somerset Maugham books, but this one I thing is the biggest gem! I love the style in which it's written and the content. They've made a few movies of it over the years....all crushingly disappointing, but that's usually the case for me...the book is always better! Nice to find someone who has read this and loved it!