The Jenny Lind bed

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Remember when we all flipped over this picture in Domino even if we didn’t have children who curled up in those Jenny Lind beds? Then the world was abuzz over Jenny Lind again, and images started popping up all over the blogging community. If you need a refresher, I don’t think I can provide a more adequate summary than
Design*Sponge and also this forum.

I never forgot those spool beds, and when I spied one during the first tour of our new house, I think it may have even been a small selling point – convincing me the woman who lived there since the home was built had a sense of style and practicality. Outlandish, I know, but who cares!

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When we purchased the house, I was a little sad the Jenny Lind bed wasn’t staying. About a week after we moved in, Jon was resealing our attic windows and coerced me up the ladder for a tutorial. As I was standing there dying in the summer heat wave, a mirage appeared in the far corner of the attic. Could it be? Yes! It was my Jenny Lind bed! They left it! Kismet made an appearance, and I was convinced that the house was absolutely meant to be ours.

We brought it down and cleaned it off, but there’s one problem. There are so side rails! I am having a hard time finding hook-on side rails on the cheap. The thrift stores up here get cleaned out so often that it’s hard to snag what you need. Once I’ve come to a solution, I’ll post pictures. I’m just so happy this fell into my lap!

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