UPDATE! The Jenny Lind bed

I'm so close to having this bed assembled it's not even funny. Jon and I went thrifting this weekend and found a Jenny Lind for sale. I don't need side rails after all. What I need are these. The metal/wire box spring fits into these brackets, which fit into the headboard and footboard. Help!


  1. Julie, I saw a Jenny Lind bed for sale at Yesterday's Rose today. Is that where you were? Anyways, thought I'd give you a heads up. Maybe they'd be willing to sell you just the rails...

  2. that means the bed has been there for a while now. . .maybe they're getting desparate and would sell parts? thanks!

  3. Hi, just found your blog.
    We just bought a Jenny Lind head and foot board aswell and are in the same predicament... Can you explain how you did this? Where did you get the metal rails?