Since we have a new bed, I've poured over pictures of headboards, nightstands, etc. You know, I'm a little tired of nightstands or anything next to the bed for that matter. I have no reason for this at all except the fact that my pillow knocks something off of it every night. Plus, I feel like it's just another place for me to store crap I don't need.

I think I've found our solution.

I'm rocking the headboard that functions as a landing place for a good lamp and a book. My brother had a bed with book nooks and a shelf. I looooooooved it as a kid. Now, to convince Jon to build it!

By the way, the image above is from Castle and Things. I love them and wouldn't mind this above the bed along with their velvet pillow cushions.


  1. It's a great idea. Very much open to interpretation = fun project. Love those velvet pillow covers, too!

  2. It's such an affordable way to customize the bedroom, and you're right, it's a good winter project! The things you can do ...

    I can't wait to have those velvet covers on my bed. I won't get out!