Blogs and books

Holy cow this week has totally gotten away from me!

I really wanted to tell everyone about reading The Passage. I was so skeptical about reading a vampire book, but a good friend recommended it. It was great. Think The Road meets I Am Legend. I mean that in the best way possible, and I'm talking storyline here not writing style. No one compares to Cormac McCarthy ... period. It was an unexpected turn from my normal reading, but sometimes it pays to stray.

Make your own owl calendar - Today's feature on How About Orange

As far as blogs, I've revisited an old favorite several times this week. How About Orange has great projects that are simple, so even the most ill-adept crafter like me can feel good about making something.

What else is going on?
Researching these after flipping out about finding one on Duke.
Trying to figure out what to do with my cheese pumpkin.
Looking forward to making my own Magnolia wreath for the winter.
Still pondering if I'm bold enough to do Hague Blue in the basement.


  1. Go bold! A friend of mine just sampled the Hague Blue on her bathroom wall. Says it's gorgeous. I got hip to F&B HB because Miles Redd uses it a lot. Google and look at some of his spaces done up in it.

  2. p.s. remember that blue kitchen from Domino you always liked?!

  3. True. Very very true. I was thinking about that kitchen the other day.