Jon and I had an incredible weekend at Luminhaus - the first of Rocio Romero’s LV Kit homes built mountainside in Amherst, Virginia. We hiked around the property taking pictures, watched a ton of movies, and cooked great meals. Check out Jon's flickr for more fabulous photos of the weekend. I was telling Jon if I sit around our own home all weekend that I feel lazy, but relaxing in this modern retreat was inspirational and energizing. The small art collection inspired a little to-do list of projects.

In the midst of Friday movie night, I somehow lost a diamond from my wedding band. I was so devastated, and Jon tore the house apart trying to find something the size of dust. Saturday morning, I laid down on the couch and just saw it on the floor. Can you believe it?!?! There's a picture of me on flickr post discovery beaming. Who cares if I haven't showered and my hair looks like crap? I'm holding a tiny diamond!! Of course, a champagne and bourbon celebration followed.

I needed this weekend to reflect, formulate new opinions on life, and have a little existential journey. I'm ready.

P.S. I've already started a fund for our own kit home/weekend retreat.

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