and it's gone!

See that ray of sunlight beaming down on our house? The world was happy on Saturday when our rotting, weather-warped awning came tumbling down. Okay, the gutter came down a bit too, but the fascia board underneath is extremely old and needs to be replaced. It's an easy project, so no worries. Remember this shot taken at dusk of our awning? Yep, it was a haggard little thing hanging on by a thread.

Here's the demolition ... rusty nails and hibernating honey bees everywhere (don't worry, the beams with the bees were moved to a safe location), and these guys work cheap. Only one PBR per person.

Now that it's down, I'm not sure that we'll put another awning up again. It just appears so much more spacious. Maybe we'll look into a sun sail or similar solution, but right now we like the idea of having an unobstructed view into the backyard.

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