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This time of year always strikes a cord (have I told you that I cry reading "The Little Match Girl?"). Right now, there's a little bird snuggled up against my office window trying to stay warm, and I spent the better half of the morning contacting shelters near my office after seeing a woman and her baby huddled against a building. I've seen this woman several times the past few weeks, and it is so cold today. My heart literally broke.

Today has been such a humble reminder of how fortunate I am. We take forgranted how easily we're able to provide luxuries for oursevles. And yes, I'm focusing on beautiful things this post, but rather than load everyone on your shopping list with the latest and greatest, why not buy one, meaningful gift for each and donate the rest of the budget ... or donate time to someone else this season?

So while we appreciate beautiful things, let's remember to do something beautiful as well, and I mean that in the most genuine way possible.

Yevgenia: hand painted ceramic pot

Turkish Bath: peshtemal

Sabrina Tach: Taos leather bag

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