My arch-nemesis - the Rosslyn metro escalator

As I mentioned to a friend on good ol' fb, the moral of this story would be: Vans aren't acceptable snow shoes.

It's 4:15 p.m. on Thursday. There's a light dusting of snow on the ground, and I'm leaving work early. I don't feel like sitting in traffic while everyone freaks out about "the snow." I head to metro, swipe my card, and start walking down the escalator. BAM! What can I say?! Picture me sliding down 10-15 stairs while my purse flew out in front of me.

Did I mention that being pigeon-toed has resulted in a hell of a lot of graceful falls? Rather than sliding on my ass, I was determined to catch myself, which resulted in my arm getting a nice scrape from the metal stairs. So I survived to tell the tale, but here's what made me a little sad.

I'll admit, It's almost impossible not to laugh at a clumsy fall. When I saw a man on his blackberry go up the wrong escalator last week and do some fancy, cartoon footwork, I busted out right in his face. I understand all of those metro riders behind me chuckling. I really do. But D.C. area residents, can you show some compassion? Not one person stopped to ask if I was okay or needed help collecting my things. I'll give you a good laugh any day, but c'mon people!

Really, my bruised ego needed a nice dinner with white chocolate bread pudding to heal.

Since it's Friday and I haven't mentioned a blog or a book in awhile, I've been reading the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series lately. I gave the first book to my mom as a present and started reading them myself. They are nice metro reads. They go by quickly and are entertaining ... nothing too heavy.

As far as blogs, I've really enjoyed Aesthetically Pleasing this week. Pretty.

Oh. See all of those moving stairs in the picture above? I ran up each one today just to show that stupid prankster who's boss!

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  1. My worst nightmare on those things, come true. For you. Ouch.