I'm cold

I would love a face mask right now if people didn't think I was trying to rob them. It's so cold and windy today that my dog won't even stay outside long enough to poop. He's just sitting by the heating vent looking frozen. He also keeps looking at me weird because I'm sick and so is Jon (he's much, much worse). All he's heard for days on end is this miserable cough emanating from our bedroom. He climbed in my lap and sniffed by breath for a good five minutes. Nice hint Duke. I guess that mask would take care of sick breath too!

By the way, when did Fornasetti plates on ebay jump in price? It's been awhile since I've looked, but the holidays must have wiped sellers out. There were only three Tema e Variazioni plates.


  1. Thanks so much! My grandmother's hot toddy recipe definitely does the trick!

  2. I'm really miffed about the price in Fornasetti plates too. I bought two in Vegas (Mandalay Bay) 4 years ago for $85 each. Now they're twice that! Booo.

    Hope you're feeling better now!

  3. I promised myself that I would purchase one every year as a collection. I think everyone needs to collect something, you know? Of course that plan fell through, but I was surprised how much they've jumped up. I guess I should be grateful for the 4 that I own!