My new favorite thing

Jon and I finally got our wedding album last night! I say finally because we waited until September to discuss the layout with our photographer. Cassidy DuHon deserves a round of applause, again, because the layout is amazing. We decided to have multiple shots per page with a few special photos deserving a full spread.

The moral of this post is that I shouldn't take photos of a photo album at 7 a.m. Justice is not done in the shots below, but I was too excited not to share. Seriously, it's difficult to take photos of a book. The album is 10x10 with a soft leather cover, and I really couldn't explain the binding.

This shot does not accurately depict the title page, but I really like how it came out!

Just to make sure that we give
Cassidy due credit, here's my favorite shot that isn't altered by iPhone.


  1. Awesome! We want to do an album, too, but want to wait and choose the pictures we really want in it. Does Cassidy do this or is it some other company?

  2. Cassidy actually did the layout and had another company do the printing. We sat down together, and he made sure that we were comfortable with everything.

  3. Do you know the company? I could just ask him...

  4. Nope. The company may only deal with the trade though.

  5. True, makes sense. Thanks, though.