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My mom gave me Julie Klam's You Had Me at Woof as a stocking stuffer. For a light-hearted read, it was nice. With that being said, I think it's high time to kick the fluff and return to my normal reading habits. The book moved well, Klam's a sincere storyteller, it tugged at the heart strings, and made me bear hug Duke so much that he started hiding under the dining room table. Again, it's a book that left me with "something's missing." I hate to agree, but I found this review on Amazon and it's true:

I just found it really hard to connect to the author, particularly after finding out she was trying to be a pet psychic, which is quite comical later when you realize how little she can actually read from a dog's behavior (she's honestly a little oblivious). She makes horrible mistakes with her dogs and fosters throughout the book and at times it's just painful to read.
Y. Sommer

It's crazy, but I was wincing in parts, which I feel extremely bad for judging because I'm sure it's like parenting ... everyone has a different method and that doesn't mean one is always right.

I think if I read another dog-related book, the next will be Mark Doty's Dog Years simple because I studied his poetry and enjoyed it.

Moving on, I really enjoyed all the photos here this week. It's nice to find new inspiration!

P.S. I apologize if there are no spaces between paragraphs. Not sure why this is happening today!

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