Daily Drool

I know Thursday = Etsy favorites, but I have looked at so many things online the past few days that my eyes may pop out of my head. It's overwhelming! I generally don't get excited by rugs, but these Momeni rugs strike a special chord. We currently have nothing on our hardwood floors, and our house is loud ... like I can hear Jon sneeze upstairs from the basement. Not cool. Time to bite the bullet and consider putting something down. Now the inspiration begins!

I've also slowly added more pins on Pinterest and am making a list of projects that I will complete by Spring. It's the beginning of an ambitious Winter!


  1. What? I didn't know about pinterest! Fun stuff.

    I did see the rugs @ OKL, though, but became distracted during shopping by the Marilyn photos. I wish I could have one of those!

  2. No kidding, right? I love the birthday cake photo. Her smile is contagious.