I pledge ...

If I write this down somewhere, then I have do it. The finish line is mid-April, which gives me plenty of time. Ambitious, yes. Achievable, sure!
  1. To strip, restain, and reupholster our campaign chairs.
  2. To refinish and reupholster the teak dining chairs.
  3. To reupholster our benches (the fabric is hiding in the closet, and I'm hiring a professional).
  4. To buy another couch for the basement/den.
  5. To install the bookshelves!
  6. To paint the downstairs (who am I kidding?! Jon will repaint!).
  7. To choose plants lining the sidewalk.
  8. To choose plants and start seeds for our garden.
  9. To build outdoor benches.
  10. To build a headboard.
  11. To take up photography again.
  12. To go to bikram at least twice a week.

There's 50,000 other things that I would love to do, but I really need to push these off my plate. Bring it 2011!


  1. I admire your determination. New years and new homes induce so many projects aimed at improvement. I hope 2011 brings me, and you too, prodigious skills and motivation to navigate them all.

  2. wow~ you are one busy bee!
    I'm sure it's very rewarding when you cross them out one by one, yes?
    ps: thanks for dropping by & your kind words!


  3. Thank you too! Yes, I love crossing off a list ... the satisfaction is amazing.

    I haven't quite figured out if I'm determined or nuts though.