Ignore the fabric and see how fabulous the dining chairs look! It's amazing how something so easy and not very time consuming can make such an impact.

To refresh the teak dining chairs (Pardon me, I should have said restore previously ... not refinish), I followed Morgan Satterfield's instructions to a tee on The Brick House.

Pat on the back for myself. Oh, and fabric samples are in the mail for reupholstery. I was trying to be ambitious and strip our campaign chairs this weekend as well, but it's too cold.

Jon has been an effing champ. He painted our basement and installed our bookshelves, which I have plenty to share once the stain dries and we hang everything. I think I may have a good color matching tip.

Marking off the to-do list!
  • To restore and reupholster the teak dining chairs.
  • To install the bookshelves!
  • To paint the downstairs.

Duke was a little ticked that he had to stay in his room during all of this, but he got a nice bone out of it.

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  1. Nice work! I guess you didn't inherit my procrastination genes.