Jon and I are itching for our faux road trip in May, and I happened to find, via Pinterest, El Cosmico, Liz Lambert's lodging concept in Southwest Texas featuring trailers, yurts, and teepees.

According to the site, More than just a place to spend the night, El Cosmico offers opportunities for creativity and play. Our evolving program of workshops and retreats ranges from sewing to cooking to art classes to writing workshops and more. Over time, we will add a series of art shacks - a silk screen workshop, a pottery studio, a darkroom, and others - places for both guests and locals to get their hands dirty. In addition to the Trans-Pecos Festival of Love and Music held annually onsite, our program of events and festivals is expanding to include film, music and cultural events. How cool is that?

I am in love with this yurt. We were hoping to stay in one before we left California but never had the opportunity.

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  1. oooh. i am also in love with that yurt. gorgeous.