Weekend progress

Jon dubbed the past three days, "the weekend of acquisitions." Numbers 4 and 11 are officially crossed off the list.

We caved and bought a couch. I hyperventilated over the sticker shock, although I kept reminding myself that it will be in our lives until death. Somewhere in my will, I will mandate that I'm buried with that sucker. It took some liquid courage, but after three mimosas, I spit my breath mint at the sales representative, picked it up off the carpet, attempted to hide it in my coat pocket, and managed to walk away the new owner of an expensive ass sectional.

And the photography. Jon and I decided our belated holiday gift to one another would be a Nikon D90. I think that's enough motivation to start taking pictures again. I loved my manual Pentax camera and never really crossed over into digital photography. I think there's enough bells and whistles to keep me entertained though.

So here's the run of the progress list:

  1. To strip, restain, and reupholster our campaign chairs.
  2. To refresh and reupholster the teak dining chairs.
  3. To reupholster our benches (the fabric is hiding in the closet, and I'm hiring a professional).
  4. To buy another couch for the basement/den.
  5. To install the bookshelves!
  6. To paint the downstairs (who am I kidding?! Jon will repaint!).
  7. To choose plants lining the sidewalk.
  8. To choose plants and start seeds for our garden.
  9. To build outdoor benches.
  10. To build a headboard.
  11. To take up photography again.
  12. To go to bikram at least twice a week.
  13. To make a shower curtain.

Looking good!

Oh, this is the amazing dinner we had Friday of Korean sundubu jjigae.

Here's what happens the next day after too much tofu soup and karaoke. It's nap time aka annoy-the-piss-out-of-the-dog time.


  1. We took the plunge and got the Reese sectional in Tatum Gunmetal, which means there will be no kitty in this house to scratch that beauty to pieces. Delivery is slated for 04/04!

  2. yeah i think "to go to bikram twice a week" should be replaced with "eat and sing korean twice a week"

  3. Number 12 is now nixed and replaced with Number 14 - "eat and sing korean twice a week. Friends' attendance is mandatory." What an excellent call.