The weekend

Yesterday, the Sunday Blues were cured with Smitten Kitchen's Milk Punch. Jon said to call it "booze with some milk." Whatever you want to call it, the libations were flowing and were mighty tasty.

My friend Chris gave us the best glassware and
barware set (above and below). The glasses have the obverse and reverse of Roman coins, which placates my nerdiness for all things classical. The barware set is so sophisticated that I feel officially ready to throw a party in style.

Of course, the ever-allusive Duke found it more important to stare out the window than participate in my Sunday morning photo shoot.
Jon and I also decided to purchase another camera, a good one, so I've made a badge to his flickr as inspiration to do this sooner rather than later!


  1. Julie, I love your blue chair! Where did you get it? Or is it the old beige one from when I lived with you and it's been recovered? I'm looking for a little chair to go in the bedroom and it's hard to find! By the way, that Jenny Lind bed is STILL at Yesterday's Rose.

  2. It is the brown chair recovered! If you feel like splurging, Room and Board has a similar style right now.

    I'm going to have to go to Yesterday's Rose and bargain. I can't find that bed part anywhere. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Awesome. I thought it looked familiar. I love the blue fabric. I do love Room and Board, but it's way expensive. I'm hittin' up Craigslist everyday. Good luck with the bed.