Fireplace alternative

Our home is one of two houses in the neighborhood without a fireplace. Now that it's winter, I really want to sip hot chocolate next to crackling logs.

When I first saw Mikael Toth's fireplace, I seriously considered extending a wall in our living room. Seriously. I almost dialed the contractor. Then I realized it would look awkward to not keep the existing nook. But oh my, how I cherish this arrangement. It's so perfect and a wonderful, functional use of space. I love how the rest of the room is further justification of how stark white can transform into a warm atmosphere with natural light and the right accessories. I could lay on the floor of this room all day, and that's the ultimate compliment.


  1. So, it's looking beautiful, for real. But a tad high for laying in front of. No?

  2. Ha! Oh no, I would be lying on the rug over there enjoying the overall ambience. Then, when it gets chilly, I'd walk over and throw another log on the fire. Now who's going to chop all that wood?