I suck at fabric

I ordered a ton of samples for the dining and campaign chairs and am so bummed with the results. Out of the 20+ samples, nothing screamed at me. It's always surprising how a picture translates in reality because I was smitten with the third sample above, but it was not looking so hot in person. I need affordable fabric that stands the test of time. Nothing too feminine ... I've always tired of feminine pretty easily, even though I initially find it beautiful. It's all a blur, and the frustration mounts!


  1. But the 1st & 3rd look so pretty! I may need those. Really, not good? Where from?

  2. I was so underwhelmed for some reason. Maybe I was having a particularly picky day. Everythings' from http://www.lsfabrics.com/

    The 1st sample actually came in red, so the blue may hold a chance. It's much more vibrant than the picture lets on. I know that sounds lame, but I wanted more of a subdued, faded effect.

    And the 3rd one would be great somewhere, but just not on my chairs :(

  3. Wow! I need more vivid. Could work for me. Not sure how to search on that site? www.isfabrics.com?

  4. oops. try L, as in Larry. Or try googling lewis and sheron fabrics. Someone's gotta get lucky with the fabric!