Practice makes perfect + the weekend

Jon and I had a photo shoot yesterday. My outdoor shots were horrible, but here's what the weekend looked like for us.

The obligatory Duke photo.
Sorry, I will never get tired of taking his picture.

Look! It's baby tomato and onion plants leaning towards the sunlight. I'm so proud of myself for even sprouting plants, so we'll see how the cultivation and transplanting goes this spring.

On the other hand, my herbs are taking their sweet time.
*Sorry vegetarians!
Yesterday, I decided to roast a chicken at 9 a.m. Who knows, don't ask! Ina Garten's lemon chicken with croutons is such a simple but delicious recipe to adapt to your taste. Instead of croutons, I add carrots and potatoes to the roast about half way through. They absorb all of the lemon-infused juices that run out as well as the sweat from the onions that are under the bird. So simple and so good.


  1. you'll have to tell me your secret for keeping the seedlings alive. when i did it last year, they all grew tall and then fell over and died:(

  2. That's what I'm so afraid of! I mean, those tomato stems are already looking a little spindly. Now I get to obsess and provide too much TLC to something else in life :)

  3. Boy howdy! I gotta say I love the chair and the looks of that chicken! Delish! All the way around.

  4. One day, those campaign chairs will be restored to all of their glory!

  5. Dogs are the best muses, especially when they have the perfect posture like Duke does! Have fun tweaking your blog. I'm thinking of doing it for mine too.

  6. The amount of pictures I have of Duke's butt is unreal, but his stance is so regal!

    Good luck with the tweaking. I feel like spring cleaning has invaded my virtual life as well.