Show me what your working with

Here it is. Our main living space on a rainy day. After six months, it's still a blank slate. The picture is taken from the dining area, and the galley kitchen is directly to the left. You can see the credenza peeking out to the right. The space needs help!

The goal is to move our leather sofa upstairs once the sectional comes. It's the Ikea Kramfors sofa, but Jon and I can't seem to part with it.

The scenario: the only space to put the sofa is along the wall to the right as well, which is going to make everything so heavy and focused on that side of the room. I'd like the campaign chairs to flank the sofa once they're refinished ... or maybe both should float in the center between the sofa and credenza to break up the eye a bit? I'm not sure. Since it's a small space, should the goal be to trick the eye and have no interruptions in the line of vision? Everything is pretty much the same height as well, so another dilemma is how to add depth and dimension without shrinking the room.

The chair in the corner with all the blankets is moving elsewhere and so will the bench under the console table to the left. We're definitely adding artwork ... possibly a tall lamp ... a tree ... to rug or not to rug? I've seen a few houses in the neighborhood with the same floor plan and the room can feel cramped fast. The furniture and accessories should probably be kept at a minimum.

So many decisions!


  1. Can you move the credenza to where the console is? Then you'd have the dark brown sofa and the credenza, which looks dark too on opposite sides of the room to break up the color. Then you could float the chairs in the middle of the room across from the sofa, so the chairs face the sofa with the coffee table between the sofa and chairs. Is this making sense?

    Oh how I love rearranging!

  2. And I meant to say, what a gorgeous, light-filled room! I'd say no rug will keep it open and flowing.

  3. Can you float the sofa, anchored to the wall where the burl is, facing the window; with the burl back-to-back to it, facing the dining room?

    Can you make sense of that?

    Maybe closes room in too much?

    I vote rug and a Sabine floor lamp.


  5. Oh hello Jonathan! Just putting in your two cents, I see.

    I think once we get the couch up there and play around, we'll be able to come up with something. These are all good ideas.

    The Sabine lamp is a must!!!!!!! I've wanted that thing for so long!

    I was actually just looking at a listing in our neighborhood to see how the living room was arranged. Ugh! The room is so much more narrow that you realize. They had a love seat under the window/door wall, and it barely fit! So I'm nervous the couch won't float well ... although that would be my first choice. Damn narrow room!

    Thanks you guys!