Sip and stitch

Y'all, look how far I got with my scarf! Ha! I started over three times, cast on, and decided it was time to head home.
Last night was my first attempt at knitting, which further affirms that I have no patience. Maybe that's a belated new year's resolution? It's horrible, but if something isn't perfect the first time, I usually give up. Well, I'm not giving up on my little scarf! I'll be done right in time for spring weather.
Regardless, we had a great time and our instructor at Stitch DC was super cool.

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  1. Your comment earlier confused me! I didn't realize you were knitting! We should totes have some sipping and stitching. I hung out with Shaun recently and he wants to get back on the knitting bandwagon, too! Give me the time and place and I'm there, woman!