What wood you say?

I haven't been too prolific on pinterest lately. You know, the whole living life thing gets in the way of my web browsing. But, I keep coming back to this find because it makes me happy.

What wood you say has been featured everywhere, but just a little synopsis, it stems from Sighn's ITSOK project (hand-carving one million "It's OK" ornaments). Now you can pick your favorite word, phrase, lyrics, etc. and have them hand carved for $5.00 a character. Pretty cool.

I have no idea what I would get, but my mantra to relax (I recite it over and over during yoga) is an Anne Carson poem Betwixt Me and Thee Let There Be Truth:

At the border crossing all I could hear was your pulse
and the wind combing along my earbone
like antimatter.

I'm pretty sure I've exceeded the maximum character allotment with that one!


  1. laser cut continues to amaze me!
    Thanks for this intro, Julia~

  2. You're welcome :) I hope the weather is a little better today!