How was the view in your neck of the woods? Wasn't this amazing!? Jon went outside after I fell asleep, equipped with a beer, tripod and dog.

Oh, and let's mark number 12 off the list: to do bikram at least twice a week. Okay, I managed to do baptiste power yoga on Wednesday and bikram on Friday. Ever since I've read this article on bikram, I've been hesitant ... not that I didn't know some of this already and not that I didn't find the author's slant sophomoric, but it just sucks to be reminded of the negatives. I still feel wonderful afterwards though.


  1. Amazing to think that men have actually landed in that moon!

  2. p.s:
    Happy Belated Birthday Julia!
    mine is coming up soon too~
    Cheers to March babies!

  3. Thank you so much! Happy early birthday to you :) It is great to be a March baby, isn't it?