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The weekend is here! I hope everyone has plans to do something fun.

So here was my e-mail to Jon:

Buy a grill?
Fix the cast iron patio set?
Buy our rug for the living room?
Go to the pope-leighy house with me?
Buy some forsythia and lavender at the nursery?
Pull some weeds, kill some ants, etc.
Have fun?

Guess what? It's supposed to snow here! I can't believe it. All of those outdoor activities to spruce up the yard will have to wait until next week. Sounds like the perfect time to watch the latest Netflix, Taxi Driver. I love a young Jodie Foster. I love the fact that this to-do list is really not that fun. I mean, where's the wanna light firecrackers at the neighbors? wanna go to the park and make fun of the LARPers? wanna adopt a tiger?

Okay, back to normal. The forsythia is crazy in our neighborhood right now, and we've decided to join the club and plant some next to our front steps. We need to amp up the curb appeal just a tad!

Oh, and instead of talking books on Friday, I think I'm just going to make a button to let everyone know what I'm currently reading. So we'll put that on the weekend to-do list.

Have fun!


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