A little gift


I think this might be the one for the living room. A little birthday present for myself?


  1. Cute! Take it.

    And I just found a great source for hides of all sorts that you might be interested in looking to for the campaign chairs. If you were so inclined. Nuevo York is calling!

  2. Thanks! I would love to know more about this hide source. Jon was just saying how the campaign chairs look like they belong on a Texas porch, so I think the hide is perfect.

  3. Check this out


    There's a link there for the spot. And when I'm in NYC, I'm going!

  4. How do you feel about hair on? We have to discuss before the NYC trip. I trust your judgement! I'll try to figure out how much I need. Then, no vegan will be able to sit in our living room!

  5. I had my two big thrifted wicker chairs for my bedroom upholstered in hair-on hide. And I have a rug in the living room. So, yeah, I'm down! And for your chairs, too. I say good.

    I have a feeling you could get by with one hide.